Monday, February 25, 2008

Another awesome week!

I had another awesome week of riding and Belgium life. The weather was great all week and so was the riding.

Saturday I went on a group ride with Romain, Matt and Romains father. The sun was out and there was around 30-40 riders ready to rock. The first half was just tempo, but then things started heating up. Romain, Matt, Romains father and I started driving it up at the front, putting the hurt on the old guys. We eventually rode off the front and got a good pace line going. I felt great on the flats, I was just flying when I was taking pulls.

At the end of the ride we had a run in with a car. A car slammed on its brakes just in front of us and Romain and Matt both almost ran into it. I rolled on by just knowing that it’s a dangerous sport and we just have to be careful. Romain and the driver exchanged some words, then Romains father turned around to see what going on. The driver then bolted swerving into the other lane nearly hitting Romains father. Romain and his dad quickly turned around to chase the car, I slowly followed, but didn’t want to get involved. I thought that they were just going to get the license plate, but when I finally caught up I saw something I didn’t expect. Romain stopped right in front of the car so its couldn’t drive away, while his father smashed both the side mirrors and then went behind the car and ripped of the windshield wiper.

I was shocked at the steps they took to “get back” at this driver. I’ve been reading stories about other people and their problems with drivers on the road, and found that in the end, peace is the only way to win. If you enrage someone in a one ton car your shit out of luck. It’s a dangerous road out there, but with drivers that don’t like cyclist it’s a death wish.

Everyday but five, I have gone to school by bike. I take a busy street and often have close calls, sometimes people will honk or yell out their window and when they do I just flash the peace sign. I don’t want to fight anyone or make anyone mad, I just want to go to school on my bike without crashing. I love riding my bike and when I’m in the saddle its like heaven. Everything is peaceful and I’m loving every second, so when a car comes speeding by or has road rage I feel sorry for them that they are in such a rush and don’t take time to enjoy the moment.

Anyway, I should be going to my first road race next weekend with Romain. I think I have some alright form, but the level of racing here is high so will see.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

more photos

February in Belgium, Sun and Fun.

I finally had time to go to the electronic store to buy a new adapter. The weather has been so nice that whenever I have free time I’ve been out on the bike.

I have booked my ticket for my return, and will be coming home May 27th. I’ve almost been here six months and only have three left. I really cant believe how fast the time has gone. It’s passed so fast, sometimes I forget all the experiences that I have had here.

I will start racing road in March, and hope to get some good Euro experience and then come home with some fitness for the summer.

Below are some pictures of my recent rides, and me trying to get a Belgian tan.

Keep it real


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick one

Sorry that I have not posted in awhile, my adapter for my computer broke.

I have been doing lots of riding and the weather has been awesome. I will post pictures when I get a new adapter.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sun is shining, the riding is sweet.

Last night my friend Olivier, sent me an email seeing if I wanted to ride today, and I was planning on it, so I said sure. We met at 9am in a park equally neutral to both our houses and on the way out of town. It was a colder morning, but the sun was shining.

Olivier, had forgotten to take his asthma medicine, so we had to make a quick stop by his house. On the way there a man running asked for directions and as Olivier took his hand off his bars to point out which way, he hit some ice and went down. It was a slow speed crash, but his bike just went out from under him and he landed hard on his wrist. He, being a little shocked and in pain decided to just go home and if his arm felt better ride later.

I carefully turned around and decided that I would just keep on riding. It came across a few icy spots, but once it warmed up and I got out of town the roads were fine. I had maybe my best ride of the year, because I found some awesome new roads. My legs felt alright, but exploring the new area kept me going for 4 ½ hours. I think I may have even gotten a little sunburn, sweet!

Here are some pictures from the ride,
And the last one is Harrison my good Canadian friend and I repn’ our new rugby jerseys.