Monday, December 31, 2012

A few phonetos (photos from my phone)!

I have been in Europe for almost one month and am slowly getting aquatinted with the French lifestyle. Annika and I have been working towards setting up our life here on the French Riviera which is easier said than done. Trying to get anything done around the holidays is always difficult, so in the meantime while the French take a little siesta, we have been enjoying our time here as well. Below are a few photos I have snapped from my phone while out riding or roaming the streets.

El Rancho Bronco Atop Col de Vence.
                                         The Alps are always looking over the sea!
Cote d' Azur. 
                                            Some hidden roads in the mountains.
                                                       Ferris wheel ride!!
                                                    Another setting sun.

                                           Sunrise, what goes down must come up right...
Looking forward to starting 2013 and my season with Team Sky.