Monday, March 21, 2011

Georgia Camping

11 states and over 20 hours in the van with 1,000 miles traveled I made it to team camp. The week started with a flight across the country to Boston where I reunited with the boss (Toby). My first day out east was like the third Christmas of the year, picking up a new sparkling white Cervelo S2, and seeing the new boxes packed with bars that we got from our cereal and bar sponsor. I rode the bike for the first time that day in what was the best day in New England for the last few months, a mild 70 degrees, and a brisk wind made all just about perfect. All was great, even though I got lost trying to find my way back to the house it was alright because the proper white houses with groomed yards, and the old brick buildings is like nothing we have in Oregon so it kept things interesting. On top of that the different types of mouth watering granola bars that we got from our new sponsor were like chocolate peanut butter rocket fuel. As this day came to an end the reality of two straight days of driving appeared. Thank god for a big van which I could spread out and sleep, regardless it was long, but long does not mean bad. I thought it was gong to be worse luckily I was in good company. We picked up my new teammate, and great guy Paul Lynch two hours into the drive and from there it was smooth rolling… for about an hour until we hit heavy New York traffic, however here the highlight of the drive occurred. Gabriella had her eyes fixed out the windows looking at all the trash and debris that lay on the side of the dirty worn road in hopes of seeing something valuable. For a moment she looked away, and when she did there it was staring right back at me, an ancient well used and weathered five dollar bill. After double checking it was alright to hop out of the van in bumper to bumper traffic I was on it faster then a cat on a mouse. America is just like they said money is just lying on the ground. After another day of driving we arrived atop beautiful Charlie Mountain in Northern Georgia. The first ride of camp was spectacular with the whole team rolling on new bikes through the stunning rolling hills and back woods of the Georgia Mountains. As we approached the end of the ride all there was to do was ride up the drive way, more like race up. A little over a mile long and steeper than anybody wants it stung; actually more than stung it made my legs throbbed; they felt like there were on the verge of exploding. For the rest of the week we will enjoy all the great roads, rides and weather that Georgia has to offer. It’s good to be back in the Dirty South.