Friday, October 5, 2007

Great weather, Great riding.

The past two days have been spectacular, the weather here is awesome, for the moment.

Today was my first Rotary meeting and it was good. All the Rotarian's are very nice and the food is zesty. I have no big plans for the weekend, I was going to do a race but I don't have my wallet and racing licence. I didn't say this in my last blog because I didn't know yet, but last weekend at the race in De Pinte I forgot my folder which contained my wallet ( 60euro, credit card, and my social security card) and my passport. I left it in the locker room after the race and didn't realize I forgot it till the fallowing morning when I couldn't find my wallet. I had no contacts of the race organization, so I just had to wait to see if someone trustworthy had found it. Thankfully a member of the clean-up crew found the folder and I should get it by Monday. It just goes to show shit happens, but it all turns out ok in the end.

Some pictures of my ride today.

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