Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting fast

Below are some pictures from our race Saturday(and the ones of me on Sunday) which was the biggest we have done so far. It Started out fast as there were 25 teams of 6 riders. We all started in the back but quickly were able to work our way to the front. Ty was in the early group off the front which stayed away most of the day. On the second lap I got one of my vertigo episodes and had to dropout.

The rest of the team rode great. Everyone was very active and rode well against the strong Belgians. In the end 7 Belgians got away and the rest of the Americans finished in the field just a few seconds behind. Even though the results did show their strength, anyone of the US boys could have finished in the group that was off the front.

Sunday I took part in another race because I didn’t get much of a race in on Saturday, so Ian Moir and Evan Huffman came along and helped me in a smaller race just south of Brugge. Just like any race in Belgium it started off fast. The field wasn’t very big so it was hard to stay out of the wind, but there were enough strong riders who wanted to go to the front and make it fast. Half way into the 80 km race things started to separate and I found myself in the front group. With 3 laps to go a group of 5 got away then another group of 5 including myself broke away. We came close to catching the leading 5 but never did. I jumped out of the second group of 5 with 2km to go because I don’t have a great sprint and was able to hold them off and took 6th.

Out next race is tomorrow then Thursday we leave for Switzerland for GP Ruebliland.


You can tell how hard the races are because the looks on our faces during and after the race.

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