Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ride with the Lion King and all his Safari friends.

The US womens team is racing here in Italy near the house so we went today to watch them, and it turned out to be one of the best rides of my life. We took the hilly way to the race which was hard but awesome. The riding here is amazing and the climbing is even better. After a technical descent we traversed across the valley and went up another climb to get to the finish. At the finish is where things got magical, while waiting for the race to come we saw the lion king him self (Mario Cipollini) riding up with his friend Jorg Jakshe. After I got my picture with Mario we went down the hill a little to get a better view of the race, there we saw Thomas Dekker and three other riders on team CSC. After watching the finish we headed back to Lucca, but it wasn't any ordinary afternoon ride, we were rolling and talking with Mario and all the other riders listed above, plus the womens team containing Kristian Armstrong who just won a gold in the Olympic time trial. It was by far the strongest group I have ever ridden with and it was sweet.

I will try to post pictures but it hasn't been working.
Living the dream from Italy with the lion king


Russell@Upper Echelon Fitness said...

Awesome! You are in good company. Post photos when you can!


S | Passage said...

I think that was the best part about riding in Europe! When I was in Belgium I saw a few of the Lotto guys and saw Leif Hoste riding around quite a bit.

That's awesome you got to ride with those guys! Sounds like Italy is a pretty sweet place too!