Monday, May 4, 2009

Czech Republic, The Peace Race

Today we made the long drive from Izegem, Belgium to a town 40km northwest of Prague, Czech Republic. It was stretched day in the car but the book I’m reading (angles and demons), the German countryside and the autobahn kept it interesting. While on the autobahn we drove around 80-85 mph, however we were often passed like we were standing still by cars traveling at well over 100mph. Once we entered Czech it was a clear difference for Western Europe, it’s not that it’s more rundown but at the same time it is. I believe it is just different due to the extended influence of communism for so long, it’s still a beautiful country and going to be a great place to race a bike.
The race we came for is “le course de la Paix” the peace race. It’s a race that started during the time of the Soviet Union as a way to give the eastern bloc countries a chance to race against the riders of the west. Although it’s the “peace race” there is not going to be much peaceful about it, it’s a five day six stage, stage race with most of the better riders from Europe. The race is also known as the hardest junior race in the world. No doubt it will be hard, but our team is strong, has good European experience and is ready to race.

Tomorrow we are going out to ride the TT bikes on the course and the race starts on Wednesday. I’ll post as often as I can with race reports and pictures.


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