Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've spent the past three days in Moscow, Russia for the UCI Junior World Championships. Moscow is a crazy place, it appears that everything is an appartment building which rise up in every direction. Tomorrow is the time trial for Nathan and Lawson.


flightboz said...

Nice Ian! Want more pics. Go super hard in the road race. WORLDS!

Mike Callahan said...

Nice work at Nevada City and great blow by blow accounts in your recent races keep it coming I can't get enough.
I was extremely impressed with your performance at Nevada City. It must have been quite the change of pace to get on with the Armstrong group for those seven laps. Then there you were again with Armstrong in the final laps. Very impressive! I will be looking for you in the results in the WC RR. I don't think another American has won since Greg LeMond back in 1977. Keep your eye on the prize.

Mike Callahan

Mark said...

Good going Ian! but remember to try the local food and wink at the girls, Mark