Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home at last.

I didn’t finish the Regio Tour as my knee worsened over the course of the race. Jacob however finished 6th overall. After the conclusion of the final race we packed up the van and began the six hour drive back to Belgium. We returned to Belgium at 1 a.m. and then packed out bikes as we were to leave that morning at 5:45a.m. for the Brussels airport. We all made our flights, tired and all. I was really looking forward to coming home after, since January spending less than a month at there. However my time in Bend was short lived as it was now time to move down to Chico, Ca for college. But a few restful days in Bend was great. I’ll be spending the winter months is Chico which is a town I love almost as much as Bend. There is great riding and a good atmosphere for a relaxing social life.
I have only one more “big” race left on the calendar and that is the Tour of Bermuda at the end of September. It is more of a race for fun and to celebrate an awesome season on my hot tubes team. It truly has been my most successful season and the most fun as well.

The Boz

The photos are from the Hotel in Germany and Bear Hole an awesome swimming spot in

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