Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A family affair

During the holiday vacation I left sunny Chico, California to visit my family in Bend, Oregon. I quickly remembered why I moved to California. Bend was cold but warm, I always love seeing family and getting together. As we get older I’ve noticed how we are all now doing our own thing and see one another a lot less, which is sad, but makes it that much better once we do get together.
When I am away from Bend the person I miss the most is my brother Austin. We fight, tussle and do almost everything else together, but most recently he has started getting into cycling and is amazingly strong already. My last day in Bend we did a 75 mile ride and he had no problem hanging with the group and was even at the front taking pulls. Next season he plans on racing a lot and I can’t wait to watch him and support him like he has done for me for so long.
My highlights while I was in Bend were, riding with my dad and brother, Christmas dinner, and cutting down our huge Christmas tree that Austin hauled out of the woods by himself and decorating it with my family.

Hope all had a great holiday season and great new years. More posts on the way as the racing is coming up quick.

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