Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Flemish super bowl

All this week in Flanders racers and fans are preparing for the Tour of Flanders. For many Belgians this race is bigger than the world championships. Being here in the heart of Flanders it is amazing to see how fanatical this country is with cycling. People are renting out garages on the course and selling parking spots close to all the major climbs. And like the super bowl beer is a vital part to the day, only here in Belgium people will line the course starting at 9am to ensure they can see the race. The drinking will surly start soon thereafter and if a Belgian wins stores could stay closed Monday as many employees will still be recovering from the celebration. Here at the house we have placed our bets and built up in anticipation of a great race, the only down side is we will be doing a race of our own Sunday.


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