Saturday, December 17, 2011

Speaking to a Crowd

Last night I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at the Chico Velo Annual Holiday Party, this was my first event of this type, and boy did I learn a lot. Some people would say I am a talker, and I usually never have a problem speaking with people, but public speaking is an entirely different beast. I had time to prepare my speech and think about what I was going to say, and most of my rides leading up to the evening were spent pondering stories and adventure I could share. I managed to make it through the talk with wondering stories, and transitioned to the Q&A, which was a much easier and enjoyable process. As the speech went on I became more comfortable and got into a flow. If I were speak again at an event, I would prepare a powerpoint to help keep me on track and bring a better rhythm to the presentation. I would like to thank Chico Velo and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for having me and giving me this valuable experience.

Only a few more days in sunny Chico before heading home for the holidays and a little break from the bike. Looking back at the past two months of training I see that I am leagues ahead of where I was last year at this time, for that I would like to thank: my coach (Hunter Allen and my gym (In Motion Fitness), my Chico training buddies, and of course my wonderful girlfriend (check the link for some awesome photos!), who has been so supportive, making my training and living so much easier.

Thank you and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season,


David Albrecht said...

Hoping you have a fantastic 2012!

Marian said...

I thought you did a fantastic job at the brewery! :)