Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ask a Teammate....Or Three.

I sent out a short list of five questions to three of my LIVESTRONG teammates. Each of these riders are phenomenal and specialize in different areas of cycling. The three riders are; Joe Dombrowski-Super climber, Lawson Craddock- Fastest man on the aero bike, and Gavin Mannion-The crazy one for the fast sprints.

The Boz Blog1.) How many years have you been racing (total, and with Trek-Livestrong)?
JD: This will be my second full season racing with Trek-Livestrong, though I did ride with the team as a stagiaire at the Tour of Utah in 2010.
LC: I've been on Trek-Livestrong since 2011, so this will be my second year racing with the team.
GM: This will be my third season with Trek-Livestrong(now Bontrager-Livestrong)
BB2.) Where are you living, how is the training there?
JD: I live in Virginia. The training is great. I can turn one way out my door and hit big climbs, and go the other way and ride pancake flat roads. Most importantly, I have some great people to train with, too!
LC: I live in Austin, TX. The training is amazing here with great weather during the winter. My coach, David Wenger, also lives here as well as TLS teammates Gavin Mannion and Nathan Brown.
GM:I'm living in Austin, Texas right now and the training is great. The weather is consistent and warm. With two other Livestronger's here, as well as a selection of other strong riders there is always a good group to roll with.
BB3.) What are your goals for 2012?
JD: I'd like to round myself out as a rider. Last year I had some strong results in climbing-heavy races. This year I'd like to improve my time trial, and to become more of a factor in races that are flatter or rolling terrain. In addition, I want to continue learning, and help my teammates achieve their goals along the way.
LC: My goals for 2012 are to survive the death rides that my coach is currently putting me through. If I can do that then I hope to perform well at the Spring classics in Europe as well as Nationals.
GM:I'd like to continue to improve all round and step my results up to the next level. Last year I was consistent and had numerous top 10 placings, and would like to turn those into podiums and victories.
BB4.) What is the best piece of advise Axel Merckx (team director) has given you?
JD: Don't over think it, and ride at the front!
LC: "You sure you want to eat that?"
GM: The biggest thing I've learned from Axel is that everyone develops at their own pace and, not to rush into things before your body is ready for it.
BB5.) Joe you can climb better than me, Lawson you can time trial better than me and Gavin you can sprint better than me. So why am I on the team, and how can I won day (play on words) challenge you in your respected area of talent?
JD: Ian, you are better than me at leading myself into a climb, or leading out Gavin into a congested sprint. You seem to be very (re)focused for 2012 - I am expecting big things from you, and maybe a role reversal on this.
LC: You're on the team because you're Ian Boswell. When you put you're mind to it you're one of the best riders in the peleton. Can't wait to see what you have for the world in 2012!
GM: I was wondering the same thing... Just kidding, I'd say it's because of your ability to help the team and those altitude climbs. Ahh... stop riding and hit the gym or sprint me to the top of a mountain.

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Dina Boswell said...

Great news release....I am waiting for a great season from all of Trek livestrong......