Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So...Ian boswell is out now, so Jacob is going to do the race report today. Ian is probably out at the sex club or something...the one the soigneurs have been telling us about that probably doesn't exist. About the race...the say the least, the moral this morning was not very high, or maybe we were just relaxed. We weren't expecting much from this race, when Erly, one of our soigneurs told geoff the day before that we going to have a tough race. The race started out with 5 laps of a 4k circuit that was pretty flat, with one hill. Then we did another circuit with a steep 1.5k that hooked back into to the circuit we did earlier 4 times. Unlike our first race, where half the team attacked at the start, we didn't have much of a presence at the front of the pack in the first few laps. On the second lap somebody attacked in what was to be the first breakaway without an American. At some point, Cody Foster from Texas bridged the gap of about a minute, then Ian and I bridged up to them. We had about 2 short laps and then 4 more long laps to go. We now outnumbered the lone Belgian 3 to 1. He didn't know what to do, so he didn't work. When we started attacking and told him to work, he said he would work if we stopped attacking. We cruised nicely until the last lap when I layed it down on the climb, he was gone, and we had a TTT for a while until we decided we weren't teamates any more. I attacked, they caught up, cody attacked, and we passed him in the sprint. I finally won a race after secondplaceidis, the boz in second and foster in third. To top off a top three sweep, Charlie Avis from California got the sprint for 5th. 4 out of the top 5. Great Success!


lisa said...
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flightboz said...

Hey you guys- I think you are turning a few heads in Belgium. What the ____? Who are these guys? Keep riding as a strong team. We are all watching and wishing you the best.

From sunny Bend--gb

Richman909 said...

Verry Nice! Gr8 Success! u guys r showin the belgiums whose boss. All i could say is, USA, USA, USA.