Sunday, July 29, 2007

another sweep

yesterday four of us; Cody, Charlie, A.J, and I did a race in the northwestern part of Belgium. The race started very hard, the first two laps there was no chance of a break. About four laps into the twelve lap race A.J. and Cody got off the front. Before the race we had planned to get everyone in the break. once they were off the front Charlie bridged solo. Then half a lap later I bridged across bringing one other guy up. From there on it was just the five of us off the front.

With one lap to go Charlie and Cody jumped in order to try and crack the the Belgian. A.J. and i sat in giving Cody and Charlie a big enough lead to hold to the finish. Once we knew that we wouldn't catch the leaders We took turns attacking, but couldn't crack the kid. I lead going into the final turn and then started the sprint with about 300m. A.J. came came around me with 50m to go and took third.

Charlie won the sprint and took first, Cody in second, A.J. in third and i took fourth.

it was a fun race.

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K-Man said...

Yo Ian,

What was the name of the race?

K-Man said...

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