Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gray sky’s and great rides.

The roads are dry, the air is fresh, and I’m ready to start training for the new year.

During the Christmas break I took some time off the bike, but now the break is over and the season training has begun. I went on three great rides these past three days, and starting to build up for the upcoming road season. Both Friday and Saturday I went out on the cross bike, and got in some good riding in on the dirt. Today I brought out the road bike and went for a longer ride(3 ½ hours), it was a great day. It wasn’t cold and it never rained. I’m starting to get to know all the roads and towns, so I’m able to do long loops thought the rolling hills south of Brussels.

I’m thinking of doing another few cross races before the season ends, and once March hits its all about road. I was looking at the calendar and in Belgium for the juniors there are over ten races every weekend. Its crazy how many there are. I’m looking forward to a hard road season over here, then going back to Oregon, and doing Nationals in Southern California in August.

My mom went to a Ron Paul rally yesterday. I glad that she has taken an interest in politics and hope that other also get involved.


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