Monday, December 31, 2007

Nuremberg and Bohimia

After three fantastic days in Prague we drove west to a small town in Bohemia five miles from the German boarder. We visited a wildlife preserve which also has some geothermal activity, such as hot springs. It was a nice break from the city life.
That night we got back in the car and drove north to Nuremberg. We spent the night there, and enjoyed the beauty of the historic city. The fallowing morning we awoke and went to the Nazi museum located in the Congress Hall, one of the last big monuments of the Nazi era. It was a fascinating museum and was excellent in explaining every detail in the rise and control of power the group kept during its time in control.
Nuremberg was a very beautiful city, but I wish that I had more time to explore. After the museum we packed up and headed back to Brussels. It was a fabulous trip and one that I wish to do again.

Here are some pictures of everything.

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