Friday, December 7, 2007


In Belgium the word American is more than a US citizen. It’s simply raw ground beef, with onions, and spices. Now, when I first ordered this in a sandwich I was expecting some subway sandwich, but it was nothing I have eaten before. I was a little hesitant when I first ate it, but now its one of my favorite sandwiches.

Before dinner tonight my host father said we were having American. I saw fries and ground beef so I thought he meant a American dish, with hamburgers and fries. This was a misinterpretation, we were having American, but there was an other raw twist. I saw that the host dad had brought some eggs to the table so I thought that they were hardboiled. Again I was wrong, we added some raw egg to the raw beef along with some; salt, pepper, and onions. To my surprise, it was delicious. I would eat it again tomorrow if we had it.

different country’s, different food, good experience.


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