Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today I went with Romain, Matt, and Romain’s dad, to do some recognizance before the cross race tomorrow. The is race in Overijse, only 45 km from my Belgium house. Svens Nys said that is one of the hardest races in Belgium. And after today I agree, the loop is full of hard climbs; pavement, cobblestone, and grass, and because what goes up must come down, there are some very tight fast descents. It is so hilly and there is so much braking that I went to the bike shop to buy some new brake pads for tomorrow (Swiss-Stop were all they had, 30 euro, $$$), but atleast I can stop now. For the pro race all the big guys will be there, so I imagine that the junior field will also be strong.

I’ll post again after the race tomorrow,
Here are some pictures from today.

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