Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tummy & Riding

Day two.

The second day of my fast went well, but I had to fight myself to not eat. Its not so much that I was hungry, but I just craved the taste of some good food.

I awoke on the third day of the fast feeling weak so I decided to eat some breakfast, but I was told by some wise advisors that I could have an allergy to lactose and or gluten and that might be the problem. So on top of not eating for two days, I would now not eat any dairy or wheat products: bread, cheese, cereals, pasta, are all included just to name a few. The more challenging thing is trying to find foods that doesn’t have those ingredients. For the past four days I don't think I've eaten any of these ingredients, but I'm not sure if all the foods have been gluten free (its in almost everything).

I'll continue to eat like this for a month to see if the problem is solved, but if any of you have suggestions let me know.

December riding

Last night was a downpour, but when I woke up this morning the sun was shining and the roads were drying out. I got dressed real quick and hit the road. The weather was great and so was the ride. I got in two and a half hours with some superb climbing. I’ll try and go out tomorrow and get some more miles on the legs.

Here are some pictures of the ride.

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flightboz said...

look like better weather there than here. Ride on dude