Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 1

I have successfully completed the first day of my fast. I didn’t eat anything all day, it‘s crazy because I‘m not even hungry. I'm drinking a combo of lime juice, cyan peppers, and water, its not the best, but it keeps me going. I'm not yet sure of how many days I will continue, I'll just go until I feel like the system is revitalized. Tomorrow I have no school so the temptation to eat will be high, but I'll try and restrain myself by reading my book "out of my later years" by Albert Einstein and drinking my lime pepper combo. UMMM

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. -Albert Einstein

Well I hope it comes soon, because I'm hungry.


Yacub Wrathy said...

I had to read the thing twice to believe that you did not eat for an entire day. Eating was your favorite hobby when you were at my house. I thought you would die if you didn't eat for an hour.

iboz said...

I know I thought the same.

K-Man said...

Yo Ian, why are you fasting?

iboz said...

I have been having some digestive problems for the past 6 months, just trying to rest the system to see if it helps.