Friday, November 2, 2007

France trip

Ile De Re

I spent the past six days in paradise, the most beautiful place I have every been. Last Saturday night I was invited by my friend to go on a six day trip to an island off the French coast. I of course accepted and left early Sunday morning. Sunday was a 7 hour drive, but it went fast as we passed though Paris and the beautiful countryside. We arrived that after noon in La Rachelle, a stunning beach town on the main land. We staid the night here and enjoyed feasting on oysters and fries.
The fallowing morning we awoke to a gorgeous blue sky, the sun was shinning and I was smiling. We ate at a nice little café with a great view of the harbor and the middle-age castle. After a zesty omelet and beget, we pilled in the car and drove out to the island. We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in the town of St. Martin, out off all the beauty this was the most beautiful village. The whole island is very old and that’s what gives it its beauty. All the villages are filled with old; cobblestone roads, churches which the city is centered around, and small allies just like you in your fairytales. I have never been so relaxed in all of my life, sipping on tea with the sun shining down and sound of the boats and the wind. I wish I could have stayed here forever, but this was just the first day in paradise.
Tuesday we awoke to another beautiful blue sky, and after a nutritious breakfast it was off to tour the island, on bikes. We rented some cruisers and set out. We first went to the NW point of the island where we found this huge lighthouse that was built in 1854, we climbed the 293 steps and at the top had a breathtaking view. After a quick race down the stairs, we saddled up again and hit the road, from here we made our was along the Northern coast, where we saw bunkers from WWII, and then south thought a wildlife estuary. Here we ate a nice lunch and listened to the singing of the birds. Continuing we went east though Ars ( we where staying here in an awesome house two blocks from the beach) and rode to St. Martin. It is so beautiful we just had to go back, my friends father got a haircut as Julian and I relaxed with ice cream and our books. Once the hair was cut and I was about to doze off, we mounted again and headed home. But being the beautiful day it was and being on an island we stopped at an oyster shack for an afternoon snack. With some fabulous oysters and the afternoon sun , I yet again found my self on an all time relaxed high. A short ride and we returned home.
The nights are also nice, we all work together to cook dinner, and during dinner take time by mixing eating with talking and enjoy the meal. After dinner we all relax and read our books and sit in front of the fire. Its great.
Wednesday was yet again a beautiful morning. Julian and I ate a light breakfast and then went for a refreshing run on the beach. We came home and got the rugby ball and returned to the beach where we played for hours. At lunch returned and after eating we departed by foot for Loix, 8 km from the house. It was a nice walk, Julian and I brought the rugby ball along so we were passing and kick the whole way. In Loix we met up with one of Julian’s fathers friends at a little café, we relaxed here with a hot chocolate (the best ever), and soaked up some more rays. We got a ride back to Ars in the car, we were all tired.
Thursday morning was no different from the rest, and warmer too. I went for an easy run after breakfast which was great. Once I returned the weather was perfect, I sat out on the porch getting rays and reading my book until lunch. We had no plans for the afternoon so we just went to the beach and relaxed, Julian and I played rugby while his father took a nap. The beach was superb, with the white sand and the sun shining, it was so lovely I took my shirt off. It was great at the time, but after I was a little red, but I need some sun before I go back north to Belgium. Following rugby we took a stroll on the beach, while walking Julian reminded me that it was November. For a second I couldn’t believe it, its November and here I was walking on white sandy beaches with no shirt, this is the life.
Friday morning started at 8 o’clock when we packed up and hit the road. This was first day without blue sky’s but it was fine since we were in the car for the majority of the day. The drive was fine, but I could notice it getting colder every time we stopped as we moved north.
It was a excellent trip and hope I can go there again some day. My brothers and mom will be coming to visit in two weeks so I’m looking forward to see them and showing them where I have been living for the past two months.

Enjoy life everyday

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Day 5


Sheri said...

Great Pics! Makes me miss the beach! Have to say Im a bit envious for the fact you were in shorts, on a white sandy beach in November!!! What am I doing here in Bend??????

Your sista!!

Taylor said...

Hey cousin!!!!!
We miss you here on Thanksgiving, but I'm sure your having fun with the family. Your pictures are awesome and we (mom and I) are really really jealous! Nana and Jimpa love me more, they told me so!!! We miss you! Love, Taylor

Hey Ian, I am so jealous of your incredible trip. Give your mom and bros big hugs and kisses from me. Auntie Lisa