Sunday, March 16, 2008

24 hour Velo

In Belgium the boy/girl scouts are very popular for all, and this past Saturday over 150 scout groups gathered in Brussels for a twenty four hour bike race. Most of my friends at school and in scouts , so they asked me to come and do a few laps for them and I told them I would.

Saturday Harrison and I eventually found my friends and got ready to do a few laps. It was a great atmosphere surrounding the event. Some teams were going all out with racing bikes and bike clothes, while others slowly peddled their bicycle floats around. This however made the riding that much more dangerous, we saw lots of crashes, as kids would swerve to avoid the slower riders and come into the pit of a rider change.

I did a few laps and had a great time, and didn’t crash.

Last night we where having a BBQ with a fire out on the porch. We live on the top story of an apartment building and have a big balcony in the back. Eric (host father) had a big fire going to heat up some coals and burn some wood he had out on the porch. Harrison and I where sitting upstairs when we heard some sirens in the distance, but moving closer. We made a joke and said that they where probably coming here. As we saw the fire tucks turn the corner onto our street we realized that they were coming here. Shortly after the doorbell rang and two men came running up the stairs with full suits, masks, and airs tanks. Harrison and I were laughing pretty hard, and as we looked out on the street we saw the ladder truck getting ready to send a man up in the basket. The trucks were already hooked up into the fire hydrant, and a large group of curious people watched with anticipation. Soon after the fire men left and the trucks were gone, but not before I got a picture.

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flightboz said...

Watch out for your buddy on the left. He has got some real teeth on him