Monday, November 28, 2011

Pro Training Day with Paul Mach

Following a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in Paradise, Ca at the home of Jeff Galland, Paul Mach drove up from Sactown to ride with me for a real "Pro training day" as Paul would say. With an awesome route planned, we hit the road like the old days on Bissell and tapped out a big day in the mountains.

Paul and Ian's PRO Training Tips:
- Ride by 10am.
-Ride in a small group or alone.
-Always train in leg warmers when its below 70 degrees.
-Make short and quick stops, no hanging around- this is a job.
-Don't coast on downhills.
-Get behind, get left behind.
-Don't bonk, but eating is cheating.
-Train hard, rest hard.
-Don't race down wet descents during training.
-Pro rides always need a TwitPic!

Now go train!
Le Boz

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