Monday, September 3, 2007

City Life

Hello everyone,

As always life is great in Belgium. I’ve been busy with life, and the language. This past Sunday my host sister left for her exchange in Germany. It’s funny because at the train station see was crying excessively and so where all of her family members, but yet she is only 4 hours away by train. And as for me I have not had time to think about my family and friends. I have been having so much fun, and because everything thing that I do is new and different then at home I’m always thinking.
I’m happy with everything. My family gives me a lot of freedom, and leaves it to me to do a lot of things that most families would help me with. For me I like the independents it teaches me to figure things out by myself.
I’m getting use to the city life which is very different then in Bend. I have only been in a car once, all the other times I have used the subway system which works very well. But the biggest difference is the cultural diversity. In the neighborhood where I live I’m the minority. The majority of the people are Arabic and African. I like it a lot and all the ones I have meet are very nice. Living in Bend is great but because the lack for diversity it is very easy to get sucked into stereotypes. If were to go home now I would call the trip successful because I have already learned so much.

If you have any questions about life over here I would love to answer then. I have a hard time thinking of what to write just because everything I do is new and different so it’s hard to get specific.

Keep it real


TLS said...

Hey Ian glad to hear you're getting exposed to some different cultures and lifestyles and enjoying things over there. Bend, while is nature is very lovely, is really homogeneous and doesn't really expose people to to much cultural diversity.

But $64,000 question is how's the riding going for you? and are you ready for the beer gardens in the middle of the cyclo-cross races?


flightboz said...

Yo Ian- show us more pics. Forget what Tracy said about the beer gardens. They don't exist.