Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I had a minor crash today while riding home from school. I got my tire stuck in the tram tracks and just went down. It’s ironic because yesterday my host brother did the same thing and I was thinking about it when I crossed them today. The same thing happened to me in Portland earlier this year while I was staying a Jacobs. But as I told my host brother "shit happens", and it does. Just the other day I got a sticker that says "shit happens, flush it".

Watch out for train tacks

Here is the picture.


flightboz said...

Looks like maybe you took Tracy's advice and went to the beer garden on your way home from school. Keep it real dude and shit DOES happen. Ouch!


The Brights said...

I think that looks worse than the camping accident when you got hit in the nose with a log......good thing you are young and you recover quickly....

Auntie Lisa said...

Hey Ian!

You sure look like Riley in that photo...not that he looks mashed up like you do. It's been cool following your adventures!