Friday, September 7, 2007

School and Riding


It’s all well over here in Belgium as always. Yesterday was my first day of school, and it was great. The school that I attend is half privet and half public and it uses a more open/free teaching style (for example we call the teachers by their first name, and so far the teacher has always been late, I like it). The school is k-12, and because the there are less students in the 12th grade than the 11th, I was put in the 12th grade (I should be in 11th). They did this so I could get more help if I need it. So I’m hoping that when I get back to the US I will have graduated…………..Not. Although the school is over 100 years old it has a very modern environment. My class only has 17 students in comparison to my 48 student math class last year in the US. The students are all very kind and helpful, but as far as the curriculum goes I have no idea what’s going on. But other than that’s it’s all good, I will bring my camera next week and post some pictures.

I received my cross bike earlier this week and have been on two rides so far. The first ride was good other than some minor falls trying to do some cyclocross mounts. My second ride today was not so smooth. I didn’t have as many falls, but on the way back into town I flatted, about 45 minutes from the house. I didn’t have a tube or any money to take the train. I stopped to ask some people on the street but the only bike shop that they knew of nearby was the Eddy Merckx factory and I would have to take a train. So anyway I just road home standing the hole way to take as much weight as possible off the back wheel. I made it without any damage and learned my lesson, and that’s what life is all about.

I will post some pictures next post of my school and the trails where I ride
Till then keep it real, shit happens

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